Amah Registration are proud to offer the first Internet marketing service for maids and other domestic helpers in Hong Kong. It is the most effective system for any domestic helper to get their resume in front of the more than 700,000 Internet users in Hong Kong, which represent some of the most wealthy and successful households here.


Pay HK$195 to our cashier to get an initial posting of 3 months, or renewal  to have your profile published for additional period of 3 months

How can you get your professional profile in front of all of these people so that you can reach the largest possible selection of potential employers?

Come to our offices at Unit 2036,2/F United Centre 95 Queensway Admiralty , Hong Kong.  and fill out our Professional Profile. We’ll then take a digital photo of you to go with that profile.

Our hours are Monday – Friday from  9:00am - 7:00pm, Saturday - Sunday Off.

If you cannot come to our office yourself but you want a friend to come in for you, print out a copy of our application form by clicking here. Then all you have to do is fill in the relevant details and have your friend bring it to our offices along with a passport photo and enough money for the time you wish to have your profile published on our web site.

What is the cost for you to have so many people see your professional profile? It’s easier than writing your number down in Park-N-Shop!


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