Domestic Helper Laws and Information
How to Hire Direct
Below is some information and Laws concerning your domestic helper. Provided by the Labor Department.


Hong Kong Employers / Workers Rights and requirements
  1. Contracts can only be for a maximum period of two years.
  2. Employee's minimum wage is HK$3,670 set by the Hong Kong government.
  3. Employer is responsible for the Employees medical expenses or paying for the return of the Employees body incase of death. Purchasing a medical insurance policy to cover these potential costs.
  4. Employer must provide living accommodation.
  5. Employer must arrange a return air ticket and provide
    traveling allowance for employee to return home.
  6. Employee has the right to have all labor holidays and the freedom
    to believe in any religions.
  7. Employers requirements to hire a foreign domestic helpers 
    a. Annual income more than HK$186,000,or
    b. Monthly income of more than HK$15,500 for the last 6
        consecutive months, or
    c. Saving account in the last consecutive months has a
        term deposit balance of more than HK$200,000.
  8. Employee's work duties are restricted in the employer's
    home only.
  9. Permission from the Housing Department is required if
    residents live public housing want to hire non-native


The Hiring Procedure

These notes are designed to help the employer. Please follow the procedures step by step.

  • Step 1. Arrange with your domestic helper to complete the Hong Kong Visa Application Form (ID 812) and four copies of a Standardized Employment Contract (ID 407)

Please note that:

(a) The Visa Application Form must be signed by your domestic helper with his/her photograph affixed on it; and

(b) In submitting the application, you have to enclose:

(i) Photocopies of your domestic helperís travel document containing his/her personal particulars, its date of expiry, details of any re-entry visa held (if applicable);
(ii) One additional identical photograph of your domestic helper;
(iii) An original copy of the Standardized Employment Contract which should have been notarized by the appropriate Consulate or Commission in Hong Kong.
(iv) A completed Acknowledgment Card (ID 813) if you want us to acknowledge receipt of the application; and
(v) Copy of your helperís medical certificate.

Note: Please ensure that your domestic helperís signatures on the Visa Application Form and the Standardized Employment Contract are the same as that on his/her Passport.


  • Step 2. Complete the Sponsorship Form (ID 428E) in English or Chinese as follows:

(a) Please complete every item in Part A, B and C; and
(b) Remember to sign.


  • Step 3. Complete the Information Sheet (ID 822) in English or Chinese in full and sign

Note: Please ensure that your signatures on the Sponsorship Form and the Information Sheet are the same as that on the Employment Contract.


  • Step 4. Enclose the following supporting documents:

(a) A copy of your Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card. If you are not a Hong Kong permanent resident, please make a copy of your travel document showing your personal particulars and the latest Hong Kong Immigration stamp.

(b) Evidence showing that you are financially capable of employing a foreign domestic helper. Normally, the salary paid to the helper should not exceed one fourth of your family income. Examples of such evidences are:

If you are an employee of a company

(i) Latest notice of assessment and demand for tax issued by the Inland Revenue department; or
(ii) Bank passbook/statement showing auto-payment of your monthly salary of not less than HK$15,500 for the last 3 months; or
(iii) Salary statements/slip issued by your company.

If you are self-employed or a company director

(iv) Latest notice of assessment and demand for tax issued by the Inland Revenue Department; or
(v) Company profit tax assessment return together with evidence to show your connection with the company such as return of share allotment (Form 1-b); or
(vi) Bank reference letter showing banking facilities granted to your company or evidence showing that you are in control of substantial assets such as recent properties tax assessment, fixed deposits/bank savings statements for the past six months, etc.


(c) Proof of your residential address as reported in the employment contract such as water/telephone/electricity bills, etc.

Note: If the documentary evidence is not in your name, please provide additional proof to show the relationship, such as copy of marriage certificate, return of share allotment (Form 1-b), etc.

(d) Testimonial of your helper showing that he/she has at least two yearsí working experience as domestic helper. The testimonial must contain the name and address of the writer to facilitate verification.


  • Step 5. Please send us all the required documents above by post or in person to the following address:


Immigration Department,
The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Receipt and Despatch Unit
2/F., Immigration Tower
7 Gloucester Road
Wan Chai, Hong Kong


Please ensure that you have put into the envelope the following documents:

(i) The Hong Kong Visa Application Form (ID 812);

(ii) Photocopies of your domestic helperís travel document;

(iii) The Acknowledgment Card (ID 813);

(iv) One additional identical photograph of your domestic helper;

(v) Copy of your helperís medical certificate;

(vi) The Sponsorship Form (ID 428E);

(vii) The Information Sheet (ID 822);

(viii) Copy of your Hong Kong

(ix) An original copy of the Standardized Employment Contract (ID 407);

(x) Proof of finance;

(xi) Proof of your residential address; and

(xii) Testimonial of your helper.


(i) Except the Employment Contract, please do not send in the original of the supporting documents unless you are so requested.

(ii) It is an offence to make false statements or representations to an immigration officer. Offenders are liable to prosecution. The maximum penalty is a fine of HK $150,000 and imprisonment for 14 years ( Section 42, Immigration Ordinance, Chapter 115).


Additional information

(1) Notwithstanding that you have sent in all the supporting documents, you may still be required to attend an interview in connection with the application.

(2) If the application is approved, you will be notified by letter to attend our office for collection of visa. A fee of HK $135 is payable upon issue of the visa.

(3) It normally takes 4 to 6 weeks to process an entry visa application. Please do not make enquiries about the progress of the application unless it is absolutely necessary, as it may delay the processing of the application.

(4) With effect from 3 February 1999, the range of salaries payable to foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong should not be less than HK$3,670 per month. The employer should provide the helper with free furnished accommodation with light and water and food. If food is not to be provided, an allowance of normally not less than HK$300 per month should be paid.

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